The planet regarding the Hitched

The planet regarding the Hitched


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User Rating

Present individual score: 79/100 (4211 votes)


  • Drama: the entire world regarding the Married (English name) / Couple’s World (literal name)
  • Revised romanization: Boobooui Sekye
  • Hangul: ??? ??
  • Director: Mo Wan-Il
  • Writer: Joo Hyun
  • System: JTBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Launch Date: March 27 – Might 16, 2020
  • Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: Southern Korea

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Ji Sun-Woo (Kim Hee-Ae) is just a grouped household medication physician. She actually is hitched to Lee Tae-Oh (Park Hae-Joon) and a son is had by them. She seemingly have every thing, including an effective profession and a delighted family members, but this woman is betrayed by her husband yet others.

Meanwhile Lee Tae-Oh dreams to become a famous film director. He operates an activity company because of the help of their spouse Ji Sun-Woo. And even though he really really loves their spouse, Lee Tae-Oh falls right into a relationship that is dangerous.


  1. ” the entire world regarding the Married” gets control of the JTBC’s Friday & Saturday 22:50 time slot formerly occupied by “Itaewon Class” and followed closely by “Graceful Friends” on July 10, 2020.
  2. Drama show is a remake associated with British tv series “Doctor Foster” that aired on BBC One from 2015.
  3. Four posters for JTBC drama series ” the global world for the Married. “

Ji Sun-Woo’s family members

Kim Hee-Ae Park Hae-Joon Jeon Jin-Seo
Ji Sun-Woo Lee Tae-Oh Lee Joon-Young

Ko Ye-Rim’s household

Park Sun-Young Kim Young-Min
Ko Ye-Rim Son Je-Hyuk

Uhm Hyo-Jung’s family members

Kim Sun-Kyung Lee Kyoung-Young Han So-Hee
Uhm Hyo-Jung Yeo Byeong-Kyu Yeo Da-Kyung

Family Like Hospital

Chae Gook-Hee Park Choong-Sun Jung Jae-Sung Lee Moo-Saeng Kim Joon-Hee
Sul Myung-Sook Ma Gang-Seok Kong Ji-Cheol Kim Yoon-Ki medical practitioner (ep. 1-2,7,9)
Kim Ha-Neul Yoon Dan-Bi
Nurse An Nurse Joo Hwa-Ni

Family Appreciate Hospital: Clients

Sim Eun-Woo Kim Jong-Tae Search Engine Optimization Yi-Sook Lee Hwi-Seo
Min Hyun-Seo Ha Dong-Sik Chairman Choi’s spouse Park Hye-Jin (ep. 13-14)

Other People

Lee Hak-Joo Jo Ah-Ra Shin Soo-Yeon Choi Beom-Ho Park Mi-Hyun
Park In-Kyu Jang Mi-Yun Yoon No-Eul Chairman Choi Dr. Kong Ji-Cheol’s spouse
Kim Tae-Hyang Yoon In-Jo Jung Joon-Won Song Hoon Lee Ro-Eun
Cha Do-Cheol Cha Do-Cheol’s spouse Cha Hae-Kang Sang-Hyun Jenny
Seol Yu-Jin Kwon Hyuk Kwon Hong-Suk Jung Ha-Eun Eom Ji-Man care that is longterm nursing assistant (ep. 1,3) lawyer (ep. 3-6) banker (ep. 3) Ji Sun-Woo (teen) (ep. 5,14) police officer (ep. 6)
Search Engine Optimization Min-Sung Bae Min-Jun Oh So-Hyun Lee Dong-Ha Yoo Yong
baseball player Kang Jung-Moon (ep. 7) Lee Joon-Young’s classmate (ep. 7,9,11) Zoe (ep. 8-9) Lee Min-Ki (ep. 8-15) Woo Ho-Sang (ep. 10,14)
Kim Nak-Gyoon Lee Jung-Yull An Jae-Jun Kim Jung-Hak Yang Seung-Kul
detective (ep. 11-12) internet cafe owner (ep. 13) internet cafe worker (ep. 13) client Park Hye-Jin’s daddy (ep. 14) hotel clerk (ep. 14)
Jung Yu-Rie Bae Eun-Woo Yoon Sun-Woo Lee Sae-Byul
Cinema Q employee (ep. 16) woman with Son Je-Hyuk (ep. 16) man in library (ep. 16) neighbor (ep. 16)

Additional Cast Users:

  • Jeong Jae-Sun – Bae Jung-Sim
  • Shin Hee-Chul – distribution man
  • Carson Allen – English instructor (ep. 10)
  • Choi Yoon-Woo – neighbor’s older son (ep. 16)


Episode Reviews

Date Episode AGB
Nationwide Seoul
2020-03-27 1 6.260% 6.786%
2020-03-28 2 9.979% 11.023per cent
2020-04-03 3 11.882% 14.016percent
2020-04-04 4 13.986% 15.794%
2020-04-10 5 14.676% 16.118percent
2020-04-11 6 18.816% 21.390percent
2020-04-17 7 18.501% 21.406%
2020-04-18 8 20.061% 22.276per cent
2020-04-24 9 20.539% 23.175%
2020-04-25 10 22.913% 25.878percent
2020-05-01 11 21.122% 23.986%
2020-05-02 12 24.332% 26.747%
2020-05-08 13 21.087% 23.920%
2020-05-09 14 24.307% 26.841%
2020-05-15 15 24.442% 27.975%
2020-05-16 16 28.371% 31.669percent


  • 2020 (56th) BaekSang Arts prizes – 5, 2020 june
    • Most Useful Director (Mo Wan-Il)
    • Best Actress (Kim Hee-Ae)


Poppie Jul 20 2020 8:49 am The most useful drama of my 28 old 12 months life. We viewed it from A to Z without skipping scenes (i usually skip scenes). Because of it, i ran across Kim Hee Ae, a fantastic actress whom deserves all of the praise and love.

This drama is certainly not a makjang. I’m not an ahjumma and I realize its success. It is really addicting for young and seniors. I made the decision to look at it as a result of quarantine while the other success that is great of ended up being over a month ago. If there have been no quarantine, i might have maybe skip the possiblity to view it because JTBC would not promotions. After episode 1, we had been hooked.

Every thing had been perfect: acting, directing, writing, instrumental OST. It could be though to split its greatest top and normal reviews. One other dramas We am watching appear so-so now. Please JTBC, provides another great miniseries with KHA.

Jktm Jul 15 2020 4:06 pm we wondered why there is this kind of great reaction regarding this drama. Why ended up being everybody else dealing with it. I becamen’t certain what to anticipate after all. Will it be really that good? And so I provided it an attempt and. This drama blew my brain. It really is therefore completely performed, through the actors to your script and everything in between. I became addicted through the really very first episode. Most of the plot twists had been definitely insane. I was thinking a drama regarding the Sky Castle caliber will never appear any time soon but this 1 ended up being therefore amazing from beginning to end it left me personally speechless. If only there were more dramas like this. Dramas which make me view and anticipate every scene, every episode. Dramas that show some rawness, a piece of bitter reality without any sugar-coating. Therefore brilliant. A large because of everybody whom took part in causeing this to be masterpiece.

Hi Its Me Jul 06 2020 6:07 pm realm of marrige. Realm of marrige. Exactly exactly how must I place this, it had been a drama that is nice far the actors/actress are really within their caracter the truth is simply Dont view if you should be someone who features a poor heart and a not too patience person^_-

Bluebird Jun 25 2020 3:34 am among the kdrama that is best we’d ever viewed. Despite the fact that i did not satisfy during the closing, for me personally it is nevertheless the greatest. I adore all of the characters each of them made the whole tale extremely addicting. They all are therefore versatile. I am dreaming about period 2. We watched the two unique episodes of ” the global world associated with the Married” and I also learned a great deal upon it. It informs concerning the therapy behind those crucial and scenes being controversial We additionally learn more about them in actual life. I really hope because you will be satisfied on the flow of the story and you will know that there are some hint portrayed in the beginning of each episodes that you watched those 2 special episodes.

Soumya Jun 24 2020 3:42 am it absolutely ended up being a great deal similar to Jang Nara’s VIP and it also felt like continued version of VIP

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